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Fort Spokane

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Expo '74 and Riverfront Park

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Kate, a young, blushing bride, married W.P. Horton on September 21, 1861 in Walla Walla County in Washington Territory. W.P. promised “to be to her a good, kind, faithful, and affectionate husband,” and Kate “to make him a kind, faithful, and…

Bill Jackson was born to a French-Canadian father and Indian mother on Moran Prairie, to the south-east of the Spokane Falls. During his childhood, Billy was abandoned by his father, leaving his mother to raise him and his two brothers alone.…

In the 1880s Spokane grew from waves of immigration. Though white individuals were the majority, the city soon developed other minority populations. Along with the more famous Chinatown, Spokane had its own small African American community. In…

Frontier Washington was full of surprising and unexpected character, but perhaps none more so than Henry Shuttleworth. Shuttleworth was born in Bengal, India around 1837, Shuttleworth was the probably the son of a British East India Company…

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